Shimmer Sea Shell Drop necklace

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Introducing our enchanting Clam Shell Iridescent necklace, the perfect piece to match your earring and our favourite piece of our Let's go party collection. These metallics radiate a mesmerizing iridescence, reminiscent of the enchanting beauty found within the depths of the sea. With their delicate clam shell design, they capture the essence of mermaid fantasy and whimsical charm. Let this piece transport you to a world of magic and make a stunning statement that effortlessly captures attention. Embrace the allure of the ocean and indulge in the playful elegance of our Clam Shell Iridescent necklace.


delivered in a small box for safe keeping. This is wonderful as a gift or to treat yourself. 

Each necklace is a created piece of art and as such will have a number much like an artists prints would do. there will be ONLY 10 in pink and 5 lilac and gold each. this is a limited collection.