We offer a range of services in the creative and e-commerce space:


- Event Concepts (decor and signage design, creation, procurement & Execution)

- Corporate Branded Products & Experiences (this is our speciality and we do a personalised version, we also give a full solution in terms of the product suited to your business, not just another mug or fridge magnet.)

- Product Range building and sourcing (we work with some amazing gift stores and retailers on a freelance basis to fill their gaps, and design ranges exclusively for them) this includes product design, procurement, packaging.

- Wholesale retail supply - this goes hand in hand with the above point, we wholesale our own brands.

- E-commerce consulting and website design/creation. My Background is in retail & E-commerce and I love working with small brands to bring them to life, so that you can focus on what you do best.

- personalised gifts (which is what this store features)

- Graphic design (full spectrum)

- Garment Development & Procurement as well as printing and branding

- Laser Cutting - full spectrum of laser cutting and engraving for products, signage etc. 

We believe strongly in creating something beautiful that suits the brief of the client (we realise not everyone loves pink and glitter, this is certainly not our only capability) and we look forward to making your next event or gifting experience something really special.

We don't do set up fees (why do people do this?) and there is no order too small.

We believe in the power of small businesses and LOVE to work with fellow creatives.

please get in touch for wholesale or collaboration ideas, we would Love to discuss.