Vicky April

Vicky April

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1 x topper - to say Happy Birthday Sitshaba Sethu  (also incl a 4) Kate to do a pretty pasels vibe with glitter : ) (R140) 

30 x gold Mothers day discs - Kate to do engrave detail and send Vicky to approve first.  (13 each)

30 x Silver Fathers day discs (as above) 

20 x Gold,  20 x bronze. 20 x silver, 20 x rose gold Oh Baby Hexagons. - to be sized for cupcakes with engrave - in gold. - Vicky these are GORGEOUS!!! (R14 each) 

20 x rose gold Lolly sticks to say Baby Lawless on them. (R11 each)  


 thank you so much Vicky!!

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