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1. a topper  - a perfect Match. keep tennis theme. J&J - kate to send design to Sarah.  (R130)

2. Penis pink swizzles  x 10 (R130)

3. Signage: (A4 size R190 each) (380 total) 

     3.1 frosted Arch sign - 2 to stand next to eachother -one to say #whyyougottabesoROOD and the other to say #gonnamarryheranyway 

4. Vinyl names for glasses - colour : WHITE.  10 x names:   (R8 each) 

Jules, Kirst. Kir, Jo, Kim, Angie. Jeanie, Jess, Tish, Sarah 

5. white vinyl for book:  R35



total of the 2 words to be 15cm accross. to be in script font 

also have a white vinyl skinny (no higher than 2cm, approx 10cm long) to say Jules Recipes.


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