Nicky Custom April

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1. 1 x Ice cream truck topper - full redraw -  invite for inspo - no vector artwork being provided.

The ice cream truck like the invite.  scoops green then purple then pink with Lily on the pink, Tommy on the green and 1 in the purple and no balloons or details in the windows  maybe in white. 


2. Charm for front of cake - lilac on clear base as per the poppy is one reference. Two scoops is better than ONE. R49


3. Name Charms - Lily in pink And a Tommy in mint pastel.

*see The Ayla cake for example, but names only needs to be one layer. About 10-12cm in length (I know name length is different but just so font is the same size.

R20 Each.


4. Vèro also about 10-12cm. to be in our Style of gold Brittany font on clear base R90


 stems to be LONG. 


 thank you so much!

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