Kalashnis gorgeous tees

Kalashnis gorgeous tees

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tees each R120

bandanna - no charge :)

Mens tees (white t shirt with black name accross front center)

1 XL (male) Thatha
1M (male) Thatha
1 M (male) Uncle
1 M (male ) Peri Appa
3 to 4 years T shirt (male) that says Anna 
1 L (male) Dad


Ladies tees (pale pink with black print name accross front center)

1 L (female) Aiya
1M (female) Aiya
1 S (female) Peri Ma
1 S (female) Aunty
1 S (female) Mum


1 x doggie bandanna 1 X S (dog- male) Anna


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